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At the present time, we are not looking for addition personnel.

However, please feel free to submit your resume.

Certain combinations of skills, and circumstances,

may result in hirings at any time.


CRM TECH currently employs over twelve full- and part-time archaeologists and historians. Unlike many cultural resource management companies that hire archaeologists for each project, and then let them go when the job is finished, CRM TECH has a history of retaining employees.  Most of CRM TECH's current employees have been with the company for more than six years and several have been with us for almost 10 years.

 After six months of full-time employment, employees are eligible to participate in company-sponsored health and retirement plans. After one year of employment, all employees are entitled to one week of paid vacation per year.

At the present time, we are not looking for addition personnel; however, feel free to submit your resume (times can change quickly; you may have just what we need ...).

CRM TECH is constantly looking for archaeologists and historians who can maintain our high standards of fieldwork, analysis, and interpretation. While we have developed methods and procedures that surpass all NHPA and CEQA standards, we are always looking for, and open to, new and better ways of conducting cultural resource management and contributing to the body of knowledge regarding California prehistory and history. Positions that may become open are briefly discussed below. 

Field Crew Members: CRM TECH will train entry-level Field Crew Members to make sure that the required work (field survey, excavations, monitoring) is being done accurately, efficiently, and to the high standards that CRM TECH has developed. However, previous experience, such as knowing how to follow a transect line, be able to setup and excavate archaeological excavation units, recognize artifacts, take accurate field notes, the ability to produce accurate site sketch maps and side wall profiles, and other skills are a plus. Field Crew Members are expected to be able to supply in-the-field analysis and interpretations of what is being observed. Field Crew Members that show initiative and ability would be able to advance to Field Director.

CRM TECH is also looking for Field Directors. People filling this role should be able to conduct all phases of archaeological fieldwork. They should be able to determine their location and ascertain the boundaries of the project area. They should then be able to establish the most efficient way of conducting a Phase I survey. They should already have the skills needed to accurately plot the location of any artifacts or sites they might find during the survey. They should be able to produce accurate scaled drawings of all sites they might encounter.  GPS and GIS capabilities would be a plus.

During Phase II and Phase III excavations, the Field Director would need to determine the best methods for acquiring the data needed for the project. They should be able to determine the placement of units and adjust their field procedures to take in to account the information that is being recovered. Field Directors need to be able to maintain the paperwork generated during these projects in an organized and complete manner so that the cataloguing, analysis, interpretation, and write-up of the project can proceed in without any problems.

 Field Directors should be able to write clearly and in an organized manner. They should be able to discuss, at a minimum, the current natural setting of the project area and the field methods and the results of the field procedures. Field Directors may occasionally be required to conduct these activities by themselves. However, they should have the interpersonal skills to be able to manage a field crew. Field Directors may sometimes be needed to conduct archaeological monitoring, since their skills in recognizing cultural resources, accurately plotting their location, and knowing how to deal with them are required for monitoring projects.

Project Directors should have at least a working knowledge of CEQA and NHPA regulations and good writing skills who meet Secretary of Interior Standards. Project Directors should be able to organize fieldwork projects and see that they get done in a timely fashion while exceeding the required quality standards. The Project Director would then write the report according to the applicable guidelines while contributing to the growing body of knowledge of southern California prehistory and/or history by developing an innovative interpretation of the data.

 We are always looking for people with good writing skills and the understanding of report formats who could help us to finalize our reports.

 At the present time, we are not looking for addition personnel; however, feel free to submit your resume (times can change quickly; you may have just what we need ...).  Submit your resume to the link below, or fax it, or mail it.


















































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