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CEQA, CALTRANS, and NHPA Section-106 Compliance

Cultural Resource Management Reports and Services

As part of federal legislation regulating cultural resources, the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires consideration of impacts of undertakings on cultural resources.  In addition, state laws such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and various municipal ordinances have been established to protect such resources.  Due to the intricacies of these federal and state regulations, compliance with these statutes may appear puzzling and at times overwhelming for those who are not familiar with the particulars of the laws guiding cultural resources management.

In recognition of the need to simplify and streamline the process of identifying and protecting cultural resources, CRM TECH was established in 1993 as a cultural resource management firm focused on providing an array of cultural resources services for a diverse clientele ranging from federal agencies to individual homeowners.  In 2000, CRM TECH became a California corporation and in 2003 CRM TECH was certified as a Small Business Enterprise.  CRM TECH's professional team brings over 70 years of combined CEQA/NEPA expertise in California archaeology, paleontology, history, architectural history, ethnohistory, ethnography, and anthropology.  The company consists of Principal Investigators that meet Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Archaeology, History, and Architectural History.

Besides the Principal Investigators, CRM TECH also has Project Directors, Project Archaeologists, more than fifteen full-time professional archaeologists, and several others who work on an as-needed basis. Office and laboratory facilities include networked computers, laser-jet color printers,  scanners, a copier, and digital cameras. Computer software includes Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel and Access for spreadsheets.  We now also have full GPS and GIS capabilities for quicker and more accurate project location determination and site mapping.  Two of our employees have received full HAZWOPER training.

Cultural resource management services offered by CRM TECH consist of all phases of archaeological and historical investigations, including record searches; literature reviews; cultural resource elements of general plans, specific plans, and environmental impact reports; consultation with public agencies; Native American consultation; historical and ethnohistorical research; archaeological, historical, and historical building surveys; historic building evaluations; test phase excavations to determine significance of archaeological sites; documentary and archival research to evaluate historic site significance; mitigation/data recovery site excavations; and monitoring of earth moving/heavy equipment operations in sensitive areas.  Several years ago, CRM TECH began offering paleontological resource management services including record searches, literature reviews, paleontological surveys, evaluations, mitigation, and monitoring.  All of these services can be completed following CEQA, NHPA, and Caltrans guidelines.                                            

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